10 Best Day Trips From Boise, Idaho

Boise is the capital of the state of Idaho, located by the River in the southwestern part. It is also the most populous city in the state, known for its scenic parks, delightful museums and a variety of other attractions.

Boise may not have a functioning train system, but it has a reliable bus service called Valleyride. There are also various car rental companies around the city if you want to drive around.

Despite the absence of trains, going on day trips from Boise is still easy because of its convenient road system. The highways easily connect to surrounding towns and cities, as well as nearby states.

If you’ve been in this vibrant Idaho capital for days and want a change of scenery, here are some of the best day trips from Boise, Idaho.

10 Best Day Trips From Boise, Idaho

1. Sunny Slope Wine District


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An easy day trip from Boise is the Sunny Slope Wine District, where you’ll find a dozen or so wineries.

Only 45 minutes away, it’s a happy surprise if you’ve been in Idaho and enjoying a lot of outdoor adventure.

Here, you get to take a break from the hiking or rafting as you walk among lush vineyards. It is like being in an entirely different country, even if the area is still nestled in the Snake River Valley.

Spread in picturesque landscapes, the vineyards enjoy a mix of volcanic soil and a temperate climate. These make the area excellent for grapes that are used for robust reds and delicate rosés.

Most of the wineries are family-owned and offer tastings. Support this local industry by getting a bottle or two to bring home with you.

2. Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon Oregon

Situated along the Idaho and Oregon border is the spectacular Hells Canyon.

The drive takes three hours but it’s definitely a worthy day trip from Boise. This is a popular destination for fishing and rafting enthusiasts, as well as for hikers and bikers.

The Snake River flows through this stunning water gorge, which is the biggest in America.

It’s also a great place for wildlife spotting, as you’d most likely see bighorn sheep, mountain goats or even black bears.

Jetboat or helicopter tours are also recommended if you want a different perspective of the area.

3. Snake River

Snake River

Another fantastic Boise day trip that’s easily accessible is the scenic Snake River Canyon.

It is situated in the midst of breathtaking landscapes, comprised of a canyon, springs, and waterfalls. There’s a variety of options for touring the area.

One way is to go on a boat tour and cruise through certain stretches of the river to take in the scenery from the water.

You may also walk across the 500 feet high Perrine Bridge across the canyon or hike the 10-mile walking path at the Centennial Waterfront Park.

The hiking trails are at the southern rim of the river and have access to the springs,  waterfalls and visitor center.

4. McCall


Located just 2 hours north of Boise is the picturesque resort town of McCall. This is an ideal day trip from Boise if you want to get away from the hustle for a while.

This small town is by the Payette Lake and surrounded by lush forests, perfect for relaxing walks and nature hikes.

If you’re in Boise in winter and want to have some fun on the ice, McCall is your perfect winter getaway.

This town is known to have the highest snowfall in Idaho, making it ideal for winter activities like skiing, sledding, snowboarding and more.

5. Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin

Another cool day trip from Boise is located just 45 minutes from the city’s downtown. Primarily known as a winter destination, Bogus Basin is slowly emerging as the place to go even in summer.

If winter is for skiing, sledding, and snowboarding, the ski area transforms into a gorgeous biking and hiking trail during summer.

There are also disc golf, live music performances and running events here during warmer months.

From the mountain, visitors can enjoy sweeping views of Boise and nearby areas.

6. Caldwell


From Boise, Caldwell takes around 30 minutes by bus.

This small but flourishing town is still part of the metropolitan area of Boise, Caldwell is known for its annual festivals such as the Indian Creek Festival and the Winter Wonderland Festival.

This is a scenic town with a lovely central area to wander around in and see the sights.

A family-friendly town, this makes for a memorable day trip from Boise.

Some of the best places to visit in Caldwell are the Babby Farms, the Glen L. and Ruth Evans Gem and Mineral Collection, Our Memories Museum and the Whittenberger Planetarium.

7. Craters of the Moon

Craters of the Moon

It takes three hours to reach this strange yet scenic destination if coming from downtown.

However, a day trip from Boise to this area is truly worth it. The Craters of the Moon is said to have originated from eight massive volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.

The result is an otherworldly lava field that spans miles.

Listed as a National Monument, Craters of the Moon National Monument has a visitor’s center that’s a must-visit. It features displays, exhibits, and films about this stunning area.

The warmer months are the best times to visit, as visitors can enjoy the hiking trails suited for different fitness levels.

If you have a car, try the scenic loop that spans 7 miles, where you’ll be treated to incredible views of this monument and surrounding areas.

8. Idaho City

historical building in idaho city

Idaho City is an easy Boise day trip that only takes an hour to reach by car.

Known as the gateway to the  Sawtooth Mountains during the Gold Rush, a walk through this historic town is like being in an open-air museum.

Around this western city, you’ll still find remnants of its rich logging and mining history. Savor your visit to this rugged town and take in the western vibe.

Walk on old-fashioned wooden sidewalks, or spend time at the Boise Basin Museum. A must-try is the sarsaparilla which you can get at the local saloon.

9. Meridian

Meridian, Idaho

Still a part of the metropolitan area, Meridian is a village that has a lot to offer for those on a day trip from Boise.

It’s just under thirty minutes from downtown Boise by bus or car and known for being family-friendly as well as a foodie and shopper’s heaven.

A must visit here is the downtown area that’s home to various restaurants that serve up tasty treats.

Meridian is also known for its recreation areas that are best for families.

For nature lovers, the village has numerous parks and green spaces perfect for relaxing strolls. For the more adventurous, a must-try is the hot air balloon ride at Lake Harbor, especially at sunset.

10. Thousand Springs State Park

Thousand Springs

The stunning geography of Thousand Springs State Park easily attracts visitors looking for a scenic day trip from Boise.

From the city’s downtown area, this stunning park is less than two hours away from Boise.

Known to have one of the largest spring areas in the world, this park is characterized by historic sites, springs and waterfalls and volcanic landscapes.

It is a haven for nature lovers, a place that’s ideal for hiking, biking, a bit of fishing and even picnics.


15 Best Day Trips From Atlanta, Georgia 

You could probably spend days in Atlanta and still won’t run out of things to do or places to visit. The city simply encourages everyone to go and explore what it has to offer.

From award-winning restaurants to museums to plenty of green space — your Atlanta visit promises to be jampacked.

However, Atlanta is also a great starting point for exploring nearby areas or simply doing things that aren’t always mentioned in travel guides. Set aside a day or two and step out of the usual Atlanta attractions into places that are bound to make your trip extra memorable.

Here are the best day trips from Atlanta, Georgia that you shouldn’t miss.

15 Best Day Trips From Atlanta, Georgia

Downtown atlanta_

1. Stranger Things Bus Tour

Stranger Things

This Atlanta day tour takes you not just out of the city, but into another world altogether.

Fancy a trip back to the 80s, or the Upside Down? If you’re a fan or have ever seen the hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, this should be part of your itinerary.

You get to explore onboard a special tour bus that takes you to prominent filming locations. You get to visit Chicago, Hawkins in Indiana, Benny’s Burgers and even the Upside Down.

The guide is an industry insider with amazing insights, fun trivia and behind-the-scenes info about the series that makes the tour even more exciting.

To book this day tour, click here. 

2. North Georgia Wine Country Tour

vineyards of north georgia usa

Here’s a one of a kind day trip from Atlanta that’s not to be missed. North Georgia is Wine Country, and easily accessible from the city.

The drive takes you through rolling hills covered with vineyards that you can visit up close.

Check out at least a couple of vineyards and wineries, where you get to learn everything from the region’s wine history and culture to winemaking itself. Each tour ends with a tasting and you get to taste several types of wine.

This is a great introduction to this part of Georgia that will most likely make you come back for more.

To book this day tour, click here.

3. Helen, Georgia

Helen Georgia

A visit to the picturesque town of Helen in North Georgia is often part of the Wine Country tour.

It deserves a separate visit though, as there’s plenty to see and do here.

Helen is North Georgia’s Bavarian mountain town, with great restaurants and fabulous boutique shops.

This is a lovely Atlanta day trip that you can embark on, separate from the Wine Country visit.

Here, you get to experience a bit of small-town Georgia and simply relax while enjoying good food and the laid back atmosphere.

To book this day tour, click here.

4. Senoia, Georgia / TWD Filming Location

Downtown senoia

The charming Senoia is located an hour away by car from Atlanta, and still part of its Metropolitan area.

It is said to be the richest town in Georgia and known for its green spaces and excellent housing. The downtown area is a lovely place for a leisurely stroll.

Over the past decade though, Senoia has been known as the primary filming location for the hit TV series The Walking Dead.

Going around the various memorial filming sites is one the best day tours from Atlanta that you shouldn’t miss.

Learn more about the series during the tour, enjoy fun activities and never miss the amazing photo opportunities. This is a great homage to the series that fans or non-fans alike will enjoy.

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5. Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one place that anyone could spend an entire day in.

Regarded as the largest indoor aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, a visit here is one of the best Atlanta day tours.

The massive structures hold 10 million gallons of fresh and saltwater and are home to more than 100,000 creatures and species. It has 100 distinct habitats that are quite fascinating.

You get to see belugas, bottlenose dolphins, manta rays, penguins, sea lions, whale sharks and more. The Georgia Aquarium is also the venue for a teaching hospital for aspiring marine biologists and vets.

To book this day tour, click here.

6. Athens, Georgia

athens georgia

Known for its thriving indie music scene as well as being the home of the University of Georgia, Athens makes for a fun day trip from Atlanta.

Set out early and drive to this gorgeous city, which is just an hour and twenty minutes away.

Start by walking through its historic downtown that’s filled with impressive architecture. See the old buildings with distinct southern touches and 18th-century houses turned museums that are open for tours.

Don’t miss the eclectic art galleries, or the performing arts centers for more cultural experiences.

If you’re a sports fan, you might chance upon a game at the university stadium. Athens is pretty much a more low key Atlanta, and a sure must visit.  

7. Chattanooga

Chattanooga Tennessee Skyline

Hailed as “Best Town Ever” by Outdoor Magazine, Chattanooga is known both as an outdoor adventure hub as well as a town filled with historic attractions. Go and explore the parks or walk along the river.

Along the Tennessee River, take part in activities like hiking, hang-gliding, and white water rafting. Chattanooga’s downtown area, meanwhile, is known for its historical sights related to the Civil War.

Check out the monuments at the pedestrian river walk. There are also museums like the 6th Cavalry Museum that you can visit.

Places like the Cravens House or the Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield are fascinating places that provide more insight into the city’s history. 

8. Birmingham


How about a day trip from Atlanta that takes you to another state, and into the lovely city of Birmingham?

Considered as an important metropolis in the American South, Birmingham was founded in 1871.

It was then a wealthy resource of coal, iron, and limestone which are necessary for steel production.

Today, Birmingham is best known as the cultural capital of Alabama. It has plenty of performing arts centers and home to well-attended festivals. 

The city is also home to lots of museums like the Birmingham Museum of Art, the biggest in the Southeast. Birmingham’s youthful energy and electric vibe come from the many colleges and universities found here. 

9. Nashville


It may take four hours to get to Nashville, but it makes for a fun and unforgettable day trip from Atlanta.

Regarded as the Country Music Capital of the United States, the city is bursting with music-related attractions.

Set out early to make the most of your visit here. Make sure to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame as well as the legendary Grand Ole Opry.

Stay until the evening and check out smaller venues to catch a music gig. Stroll along with its neighborhoods, each with a distinct character. 

This Tennessee gem is divided into several distinct neighborhoods, each has its own personal vibe. Nashville also prides itself in its thriving culinary and arts scene, so savor the food then check out the art galleries and exhibits. 

10. Gatlinburg


You probably have never heard of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, but it’s another long-distance Atlanta day trip that you shouldn’t miss. Going here takes four hours by car, so set out early to fully enjoy your Gatlinburg visit.

Located right next to Smoky Mountain National Park, this day trip is bound to be filled with adventure. There are 150 trails in the park, and they wind through 800 miles of lush forestry.

The area also boasts of diverse wildlife and known as one of the few International Biosphere Reserves across the world.

While here, be sure to visit the stunning Roaring Fork waterfalls and Cades Cove, a popular biking area. Around Gatlinburg town, you’ll find historical cabins and mills that speak about the fascinating history of Smoky Mountain.

11. Brewery Tour

Atlanta has a booming brewery scene and it’s surely a unique thing to check out while in the city.

Join this fantastic Atlanta day tour that takes you through breweries. Learn about their history, the beer-making process, and free tastings.

In most tours, you get to visit three breweries and some of the most popular are Atlanta brewing (formerly Red Brick), Monday Night Brewing and SweetWater Brewing.

To book this day tour, click here.

12. Atlanta Historical Homes

House in Inman Park

Escape a bit of the city hustle and enjoy a more laid back tour. This Atlanta day tour takes you through some of the most popular historic homes in the city.

Check out these homes and learn more about its famous residents. You’ll also learn the importance of each home to Atlanta’s history.

One of Atlanta’s prominent residences is the Governor’s Mansion, a 1967 Greek Revival style home. There’s also the

Margaret Mitchell House where she wrote the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel Gone With the Wind. Another historical house that’s a must-visit is The Swan House or Smith Family Farm.

To book this day tour, click here.

13. Southern Food Tour at Inman Park

food atlanta

Atlanta is known for its many award-winning restaurants, but a better way to explore the region’s cuisine is through a food tour.

How about a Southern food tour, held at the historic Inman park? You wouldn’t want to miss this delicious Atlanta day tour.

Learn more about Southern food and even sample them.

Enjoy traditional Southern foods such as black pepper biscuits with gravy and bacon, smoked chicken wings and boiled peanuts.

There’s also the more modern Gu’s dumplings, Waldorf kale salad that you can try.

The tour also includes a visit to a local market so you can stock up on ingredients or buy local delicacies to bring back home.

To book this day tour, click here.

14. Gone With the Wind – Margaret Mitchell’s Atlanta

A visit to this prominent historical home is more of a half-day trip.

Still, it’s a fascinating Atlanta day trip that deserves a separate visit and not just part of any other tour. This tour also focuses more on Georgia that was depicted in ‘Gone With the Wind’.

The tour takes you to historical landmarks such as the Oakland Cemetery and Inman Park.

There’s also a more thorough visit to the house of the author Margaret Mitchell, as well as the Gone with the Wind Museum in Marietta.

To book this day tour, click here.

15. World of Coca Cola

The ubiquitous Coca Cola calls Atlanta its main city. The drink was invented in downtown Atlanta in 1886 by pharmacist John S. Pemberton.

The place that’s now known as The World of Coca Cola is essentially the brand’s temple and headquarters. It is also a 92,000 square meter interactive museum.

Get in the 4D theater where you’ll basically feel like you’re inside a Coke bottle. You may also try your hand at an old-fashioned manual bottling machine.

A must visit is the tasting room where you get to sample more than a hundred Coca-Cola soda flavors and variants from around the world.

This is absolutely a great Atlanta day tour that’s a must experience.

To book this day tour, click here.

9 Best Day Trips From Miami, Florida 

Miami is often associated with its glorious beaches and its wealthy residents. A visit will easily tell you that the city has more to offer than fun in the sun and a glimpse of luxurious lifestyles.

There are diverse neighborhoods that range from the historically and culturally rich Little Havana to the colorful art of Wynwood. There are also great restaurants and cool marketplaces.

Miami, more than a lovely city to explore is also an ideal starting point in visiting other interesting places close by. There are also tours that take you through a more in-depth look at some of its known attractions.

Set aside a day and see more of South Florida in this handy guide to some of the best day trips from Miami, Florida.

9 Best Day Trips From Miami, Florida

1. Bimini Island day tour from Miami

Bimini Islands

Bimini may not be the most popular island in the Bahamas but it’s definitely one of the best day trips from Miami.

Only 50 minutes away from the city by boat, this island may be small but has a lot to offer. Ever snorkeled around shipwrecks?

You can do that just off the coast of this island. Pack your trusty hiking shoes and hike through Bimini’s visitors’ trail.

While on the island, be sure to have a (literal) taste of local life by sampling some of the best foods.

Make sure to try their signature snack called the conch ceviche, or the delicious lobster pizza.

To check out the rates, click here.

2. Cape Florida Lighthouse

Cape Florida Lighthouse

If you’ve been seeing Miami around the seafront area on in the water itself, you most likely have cruised through Biscayne Bay.

This area has more to it than just a way to get to another Miami attraction. Hop on a boat tour that sails to the east to Key Biscayne and out into the Atlantic.

There, you’ll enjoy great views of the historic Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Hear about their intriguing history, local trivia and more from knowledgeable guides on board. This is one of those Florida day trips that you shouldn’t miss.

3. Everglades day trip from Miami

everglades florida

Biking through an alligator-infested pathway may not be your idea if a day trip from Miami. But, what if you’d like to give it a try?

You can absolutely do that at Shark Valley, the 15-mile scenic loop around Everglades National Park.

That’s not all the park has to offer though, and you also get to explore it on a boat and spot wildlife from specific vantage points.

There’s also a concrete tower in the area that you can climb up for amazing views of Everglades.

It’s refreshing, and literally a wild break from the city and something that should be part of your Miami itinerary.

To check out the rates, click here.

4. Jungle Island

jungle island florida

A wildlife adventure without alligators? Yes, there’s another Miami day trip that you can enjoy without potentially disturbing those tricky crocodilian reptiles.

Jungle Island is situated between downtown Miami and South Beach. This eco-adventure park has been around since 1936 and is also a famous Miami landmark. Here, you get to experience real jungle adventures.

There’s a show that features the world’s most fascinating birds such as cockatoos, macaws, a 6-foot-tall Cassowary, the very rare Andean condor and more of these feathered friends.

There’s also a safari tour where you get to see some of the fascinating and rare residents of the jungle.

To check out the rates, click here.

5. Key West day trip from Miami

key west

It takes around three hours to reach Key West but it remains to be one of the top day trips from Florida.

The journey along the Overseas Highway is already quite a treat — with its amazing views and spectacular bridges.

Start your Key West trip by having a meal in one of the restaurants or food shacks along the famous Duval Street. They have some of the best breakfasts and pastries that you simply must try.

Afterward, explore the best Key West attractions such as Ernest Hemingway’s former home (which is now a great museum), the Key West Aquarium, and the picturesque Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

As you walk around town, check out the colorful Caribbean-inspired architecture. Don’t forget to stop by Mallory Square where you can enjoy great sunset views as well as cool street performances.

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6. Little Havana

The Cuban population has a great impact on the South Florida culture. Little Havana is one Miami day trip that has to be in your itinerary.

A tour of this fascinating, friendly neighborhood is also in so many ways, delicious. You just have to try eating at some of the family-run Cuban restaurants. Everything is fresh, homemade and tasty — from appetizers to dessert.

Authentic Cuban cuisine actually derives much of its ingredients from the Spaniards but made each dish all their own.

Stop in one of the cafes or bakeries and have some of the yummy pastries and the infamous sugar cane juice.

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7. Millionaire’s Row

millionaire’s row miami

Miami has to be one of those cities that’s often associated with the rich and famous. A fun excursion that allows you a glimpse of their posh lifestyle makes for a fascinating Miami day trip.

Stroll along with the ritziest and perhaps some of the most intriguing parts of South Beach. Maybe hop on a segway and check out Casa Casuarina, also known as the Versace Mansion.

There’s also the exclusive Star Island or the lively Lincoln Road. Enjoy the sunshiny Ocean Drive, the always impressive Art Deco District, and more.

You may also enjoy a different yet equally interesting perspective on this glamorous area from the water, via a boat tour where you also get to enjoy the beauty of Biscayne Bay as well as views of the Miami skyline.

8. South Beach

South Beach Miami

Miami’s South Beach— both the glorious stretch and the glitzy neighborhood are among the most visited places in the city.

It makes for an interesting Miami day tour as well, as the sights are pretty diverse.

A tour takes you from elegant residences to posh hotels to the impressive Art Deco district. This is one of the top beaches in Florida, a place to see and be seen.

South Brach may often be packed with people soaking up the sun, but it’s a lovely place to explore.

Apart from the famous beach, every nook and cranny of this fascinating area holds a lovely surprise. It could be a local history or an intriguing tale surrounding a residence, or a fun trivia about a certain building.

A few hours spent knowing South Beach beyond its glamour is indeed a fun addition to your Miami trip.

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9. Sawgrass Mills Mall

Sawgrass Mills

A  day out that involves buying cool stuff for yourself? Why not?

No vacation anywhere is complete without a bit of a shopping trip, and more. This fun day trip from Miami takes you to the Sawgrass Mills mall.

The place is known for its massive array of department stores, designer boutiques and even outlet depots such as Bloomingdale’s, Calvin Klein, the Gap and more.

From Miami, there are a variety of options that offers round trip transport to the mall, saving you from the hassle of a long drive or commute.

If a whole day of shopping is in your Miami itinerary, this is something that you shouldn’t pass up!


10 Best Day Trips From Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark is known for its colorful and diverse neighborhoods, as well as its support to sustainable living. Charming and storybook-like with its old architecture and winding alleyways, it is a haven for those who love to explore on foot or by cycling.

The city may already have most that first time or returning visitor would ever need but its great transport system also encourages to explore the sights beyond the capital.

From the lush countryside to an ancient Viking town, charming castles that include one that inspired Shakespeare, to medieval towns in as far as Sweden — there’s plenty to visit while you’re in Denmark’s capital. Here are some of the best day trips from Copenhagen, Denmark that should be part of your itinerary.

10 Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

1. Roskilde

Roskilde in copenhagen

From the Copenhagen central station, it only takes half an hour to reach Roskilde, a walkable town where you can walk to most of its attractions in under ten minutes.

Filled with many historic buildings and stunning architecture, you wouldn’t help but stop at each attraction to admire the intricate details. Walk Around its Stændertorvet Square in the town center and admire the surrounding historic brick buildings.

Check out the Baroque style Yellow Palace not too far away, or the Cathedral of St. Luke which is a UNESCO World Heritage. This one is an impressive Gothic building made of bricks, and known as the final resting place of many Danish kings and queens.

To book, click here.

2. Frederiksborg Palace

Frederiksborg Palace

Easily reached by car or train is a fascinating day tour from Copenhagen to the stunning Frederiksborg Castle. Located in Denmark’s North Zealand, this is where you’ll find the Museum of National History.

A tour of the castle also introduces you to one of its former residents, the flamboyant King Christian IV’s history.

You can wander through the Coronation Chapel, or stroll through the pretty French Baroque gardens. The Fredensborg Castle also serves as the Danish royal family’s summer residence.

To book, click here.

3. Kronborg, Hamlet’s Castle

Kronborg, Hamlet’s Castle

Predating Shakespeare and the inspiration for his function Elsinore, a visit to Kronborg Castle is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen. It is situated at the head of the Øresund Sound since 1420 in Helsingør and used to be an important European town.

The Kronborg we see today was from the reconstruction in 1640 after the 1629 fire. It is now a‪ UNESCO World Heritage Site‬, and some of its attractions are the Castle Chapel‬ and its Renaissance interior, the tapestries in the West Wing and the ‪Knights Hall‬.

If you’re visiting during summer, you just might catch a staging of Hamlet right here in the very place that inspired the play’s setting, the majestic Kronborg Castle.

To book, click here.

4. Lund, Sweden

‬ Lund Cathedral

Ever heard about the ancient city of Lund? It is located in neighboring Sweden, which is easily accessible via the ‪Øresund Bridge, making it an ideal day trip from Copenhagen. It’s a fascinating place with structures that dates back to at least three centuries ago, so a walk among its streets is like a journey back in time.

Be sure to visit the Romanesque ‪11th century‬ Lund Cathedral, then check out the streets behind it lived with houses from the 1700s. Lund itself dates back to the 10th century and used to be part of Denmark.

It is also home to one of the oldest Scandinavian universities: Lund University which was founded in the 1600s. Be sure to look around the gorgeous train station when you arrive here, as well as the university’s picturesque library.

There’s also the open-air museum that takes you back to what Kund looked like in the medieval era, a definite must-visit.

To book, click here.

5. Malmö, Sweden

øresund bridge sweden and denmark

Go on a storybook-like day trip from Copenhagen to the picturesque Malmö, a city in Sweden that is easily reached via the spectacular Øresund Bridge. It’s an easy day excursion that takes you to another country and back within a day.

Here, you get to explore this lovely historic town’s neighborhoods like Stora Torget‬ and ‪Lilla Torget with their quaint cafés, restaurants, and shops. Malmö is also home to the stunning ‪Malmöhus Castle‬, which is the oldest preserved Renaissance castle in the region.

Visit Malmö Museums to learn more about its history and technology, or even do a submarine tour. Have a lunch or snack picnic in the pretty gardens of Slottsparken, or stop by the‬ Moderna Museet Malmö. ‬

Another must-see is the Turning Torso building‬, which is 190 meters high with a 90-degree twist from base to top, a splendid creation by architect Santiago Calatrava.

To book, click here.

6. Safaripark


A fun day trip from Copenhagen awaits at Knuthenborg, where you get to enjoy a respite from the city hustle and interact with a variety of animals. The Safaripark is a massive space where various animal species roam free in huge enclosures, and where human visitors get a chance to see them up close.

You get to drive through the area where the likes of monkeys, tigers, and wolves roam around. There are 11 zones featuring all sorts of animals from around the world.

You can slowly drive through most of them and animals will come up to you curiously, and there are also areas where you can bond with certain species like a walk among them or play. There’s also a dinosaur area to explore, a Congo Splash Park and a massive playground area.

7. The Blue Planet – National Aquarium of Denmark

National Aquarium of Denmark

A quick train ride from Copenhagen’s Kongens Nytorv station takes you to the massive Den Blå Planet or The Blue Planet, which is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium.

This lace is surrounded by water and boasts of 50 aquariums and exhibits, divided into wings designed like a vortex. This is a must if you’re looking for a fun day trip from Copenhagen.

Some of the best aquariums in The Blue Planet are the magical Amazonas, ‬the colorful‪ Coral Reef‬ , and the enormous ‪Ocean Tank‬, which is filled with four million liters of seawater, where you’ll see hammerhead sharks, moray eels, and other fascinating ocean creatures.

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8. Copenhagen: Must-See Untold Stories Tour

Jewels Rosenborg Castle

Visiting Copenhagen and exploring its sights on your own is definitely fun and exciting. But how about joining a tour where you’ll get to see and learn more about the Danish capital’s best attractions as well as fascinating stories about them?

One of the best Copenhagen day tours you’ll experience, this one takes you through the must-see sights and unmissable landmarks, all steeped in history and legend.

Visit the home to Denmark’s Crown Jewels Rosenborg Castle, which also houses one of the most impressive Venetian glass collections in the world.

Admire the Copenhagen Cathedral, a survivor of many wars and fires, the sad but heroic WWII stories at the Maritime, the oldest still working observatory in Europe known as the Round Tower and the brilliantly preserved Kastellet fortress.

To book, click here.

9. Copenhagen Culinary Tour

How about half a day of walking around the Danish capital, while learning about its fascinating culture and tasting authentic food?

This Copenhagen day tour is a must for anyone visiting the city, as it takes you through four hours of savoring the best that Copenhagen has to offer while hearing bits and pieces of interesting facts about their culture and history.

In this exciting and delicious walking tour, you’ll find out why this city is home to Noma, the best restaurant in the world as well as the best chef. You’ll also learn why Nordic cuisine is said to be among the most innovative in recent times.

During the tour, you’ll have your fill of stories and trivia as well as a variety of cheeses and meats, the local favorite open-faced sandwiches as well as liqueurs, spirits, and wine. For dessert, there’s going to be samplings of candies, chocolates, and toffees. This is a great way to experience and explore Copenhagen that’s not to be missed.

To book, click here.

10. Forest Tower

Forest Tower

Travel time from København (Copenhagen) to Rønnede, Denmark takes only 70 minutes, to a place called Camp Adventure, a new attraction hailed by TIME magazine as among the 100 best places to visit in the world.

This one if a kind Copenhagen day trip takes you on exciting nature experience. There’s a 1.2-kilometer hike on a wooded path, tucked underneath trees that leads to the forest tower. This unique ‘wooden skyscraper’.

The climb up takes another 900 meters where you’ll walk on top of trees via a specially designed wood path until you reach the 45-meter tall observation tower.

Situated amidst one if Denmark’s most scenic forested areas, this unique adventure provides unparalleled views over the colorful canola fields as well as lush surrounding areas.

This is an excursion designed to provide locals and tourists alike with another way to experience nature just over an hour away from the bustling city capital.


10 Best Day Trips from Phoenix, Arizona

You probably would get enough of the Camelback Mountain, the Desert Botanical Garden or the Phoenix Zoo while you’re in Arizona’s capital. However, the areas surrounding the city also boasts of diverse attractions and fascinating places to visit.

How about a cruise down the river below dramatic cliffs? A semi-dangerous drive down the oldest Arizona highway? A visit to a Native American dwelling carved in limestone? Read on and find out the many ways you can spend outside of Phoenix if you have a spare day or two. So here are the best day trips from Phoenix, Arizona.

10 Day Trips from Phoenix, Arizona

1. Apache Trail

Apache Trail

A scenic and definitely unforgettable day trip from Phoenix is the Apache trail, which is only thirty minutes from the Arizona capital’s city center. The Apache trail is the oldest highway in Arizona, which is also called Route 86. This was originally used as a stagecoach trail that ran through the Apache Indian county, with some narrow and unpaved parts that wind through mountains.

It is not suitable for larger vehicles because there are not enough guard rails or any sort of safety barrier. The trail starts at Apache Junction, which is still part of Phoenix, then it runs through the Superstition Mountains of the Lost Dutchman legend and Tonto National Forest.

The scenery is quite breathtaking, and there are some interesting places on the way that you can visit such as Canyon Lake and Goldfield Ghost Town. Since the drive-through Apache Trail isn’t just for everyone, it is best to join a tour group with an experienced driver if you’re going here.

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2. Jerome


A vibrant tourist hotspot that sits 5,200 feet above sea level, the intriguing tiny town called Jerome is a Phoenix day tour that you must experience. This former copper mining village is located about 90 miles north of Phoenix.

During the Great Depression when copper supply declined, Jerome became a ghost town of only a hundred people, a huge drop from its former population of 15,000. Today, it is back to its former glory although not because of the copper anymore but more for being a tourist destination.

This bustling town is a monument to the history of Arizona, and now has a number of restaurants, shops, and galleries featuring local artists, as well as historic buildings from the town’s mining days.

3. Foxtail in Mesa

Lower Salt River

Phoenix day trips aren’t just deserts, mountains, rock formations and parks — there are also opportunities to get into the water and explore the wilderness.

One of the popular kayaking excursions takes you through the Lower Salt River that passes through the stunning sceneries of Tonto National Forest or surrounded by majestic cliffs, even cruise beside the cacti of Sonoran desert.

While paddling your way towards Foxtail in Mesa, be sure to watch out for the stunning flora as well as sightings of native wildlife such as bald eagles, deer, great blue herons, osprey, and wild horses.

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4. Grand Canyon

Grand canyon

You can’t beat Phoenix and not visit the majestic Grand Canyon. In fact, if you only have time for a day trip from Phoenix, this is where you should go. The drive maybe four hours each way, bit totally worth it.

This lace is grand indeed, and massive that it seems daunting for a day trip but several hours should be enough if you’re going via the South Rim.

Be sure to stop every now and then at scenic overlooks, hike below the rim, explore some of the visitor centers or museums, or rent a bicycle to see more of the national park.

A great way to see more of the Grand Canyon though is to have lunch or snack at El Tovar where there are fantastic views over the ancient rock walls.

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5. Scotsdale


Located close to Phoenix is the scenic city of Scottsdale, which is definitely more than great spas and golf. The city also prides itself on its stunning desert scenery, as well as its picturesque old town area.

A great place to walk around in and explore, Scottsdale also has impressive art galleries, a variety of museums, and excellent restaurants.

Some of the best places to visit in this city are The Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park to which has more than 7,000 plants and the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

It’s the ideal day trip from Phoenix if you want to be somewhere close enough but still offers a variety of attractions.

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6. Montezuma Castle

montezuma castle arizona

The intriguing Montezuma Castle might as well be an ancient condominium, carved into limestone walls resembling apartments. It was built by the Native American tribe Sinagua, who occupied the area over 600 years ago.

In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt named Montezuma Cast as one of the country&s first national monuments. It is now one of the more popular day trips from Phoenix, where visitors can hike along trails that lead to the dwellings by the cliffside.

There is also a museum there and a park that’s home to many different native plants like Arizona sycamore trees as well as diverse wildlife.

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7. Sedona

Sedona arizona

Sedona might as well be called red rock city, with the amazing natural wonders that surround it. This city apart from the red rocks and dramatic cliffs also has active sinkholes, trails with 13 creeks, the stunning Cathedral Rock and beautiful sunset views from Airport Mesa.

Sedona is also home to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, which has interesting galleries, shops, and a New Age vibe. Another must-see while in Sedona is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which sits on red rocks.

If those are not enough reasons for you yet to make this city your next Phoenix day trip, Sedona is also known for its vortex areas, or energy pockets which you can hunt using maps that can be downloaded online.

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8. Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert

A rather otherworldly but magnificent scenery awaits in one of the best Phoenix day Trips— the Sonoran Desert. Comprising 100,000 square miles, the Sonoran forms most of Arizona’s southern half, as well as covering arts of Baja, California and northern Mexico.

Boasting diverse landscapes and ecosystems, the Sonoran Desert has all of the world’s biomes such as desert, coniferous and deciduous forest, grassland and tundra. You can explore it easily on foot or by cycling with its well-maintained trails and dirt paths.

Other must-visit places are the aquarium at the Sonoran Desert Museum, the aviary, and the pretty gardens.

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9. Tombstone Arizona and San Xavier Mission

Tombstone Arizona and San Xavier Mission

If you love the Old West, then the legendary Tombstone town is the perfect Phoenix day trip for you. A visit to this town takes you to attractions that date back to the days of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, such as the Bird Cage Theater and Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.

There’s also the O.K. Corral which features re-enactments of events like the infamous gunfight involving the Earp brothers, Holiday, and the Clanton gang.

Be sure to visit the place where the gunfight victims were buried — the Boot Hill Graveyard. The mission of San Xavier del Bac meanwhile has been around since 1797 as a part of New Spain than of Mexico before it became part of the United States.

Adorned with murals and sculptures, the Spanish-style cathedral still holds masses and services, and one of the most visited places outside of Phoenix along with Tombstone.

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10. Tucson


With its 4,000 years of constantly evolving agricultural and culinary history, it is no wonder that Tucson was the first-ever city in the United States that’s recognized as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. Definitely a great reason to make it your next Phoenix day trip, but the reasons to visit Tucson doesn’t end there.

This city is also home to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the Pima Air and Space Museum and the Mission San Xavier del Bac. Aside from the attractions and since Tucson is basically a haven for foodies, a must-try is their Sonoran dog — bacon-wrapped hot dog with pinto beans and cheese toppings.

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10 Best Day Trips From Las Vegas, Nevada

The glitter and glam, the lights and sounds of Las Vegas are probably what lures most tourists to this bustling, happy place. Dubbed as the Sin City, there’s a lot to see and do here but there are also several day trips from Las Vegas that you can do.

So here are some of the best day trips from Las Vegas that could cure you of your party hangover and take you through unforgettable adventures.

10 Best Day Trips From Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon in las vegas

A slot canyon that’s also popular even to visitors from all over the world, Antelope Canyon is one Las Vegas day trip that you shouldn’t pass up. Here, you can wander through ancient corridors, be surrounded by giant rocks that have patterns that look as if water ran through them millions of years ago.

Or perhaps a paintbrush. You’ll never know, the place is quite otherworldly. Divided between an upper and lower canyon which you both should visit, the antelope canton is a natural work of art, one that you must see and experience while you’re in Las Vegas.

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2. Area 51

Area 51 in las vegas

Set out on an out-of-this-world Las Vegas day tour that will have you watching the sky, or perhaps finding some evidence that might support any conspiracy theory you have if any. Area 51 is the most mysterious and restricted military facility known all over the world, and it’s just a few hours by car from Sin City.

You won’t actually get to access the facility like Men in Black or sneak in like Mulder and Scully nit there’s plenty of interesting places to see here, and it starts as soon as you’re in Roswell. Cruise down the Nevada State Road 375or Extraterrestrial Highway that leads to the quirky Little Alien.

There’s the Alien Research Museum, a black mailbox where you can send letters to aliens, or visit the very small town of Rachel which is closest to Area 51. For an added thrill, you can try to get as close to the facility as possible to see the armed men guarding the gates and definitely watching. Of course, you wouldn’t get in but that’s all part of your Area 51 adventure.

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3. Colorado River

Colorado River

The mighty Colorado River is one of the main rivers in the southwestern part of the United States as well as northern Mexico, where it empties into its gulf. A visit here is one adventure-filled Las Vegas day trip that you must experience.

It’s a welcome respite from the bright lights and loud music, as this trip lets you travel mostly on water. Considered as one of the country’s most iconic waterways, the boat ride takes you through 58 miles of the river where you get to enjoy the scenery that’s mostly made up of colorful cliffs and forested areas.

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4. Death Valley

Death Valley

No, this day trip from Vegas isn’t going to take you to the fires of hell and leave you to burn but close. One of the driest and hottest places on earth is the Death Valley, and once you’ve seen it you’ll know how it got the name.

It’s a National park with no forested area and yet, it also has its charms. There are even marine life and desert creatures that managed to survive here, even a spread of wildflowers that appears after a rainstorm. Despite the heat, Death Valley is still a great place for hiking, trekking, and rock climbing.

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5. Grand Canyon

Grand canyon in las vegas

Often called one of the most stunning places on earth, the Grand Canyon as a day trip from Las Vegas is a must. This canyon that spans 277 miles was carved by the Colorado River millions of years ago.

Located in northern Arizona, the cantons can be enormous, with some parts even measuring u to 20 miles across. There are different types of tours of this area that takes you through its best places so it’s recommended to book a tour in advance to fully enjoy the experience.

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6. Hoover Dam

Hoover dam in las vegas

‪This massive structure is located along the Colorado River, another must if you’re already in Vegas and want to get away from the hustle for a while. Visit the Hoover Dam, built by thousands of workers from 1935 to 1936 and a true symbol of American ingenuity.

Tours to the Hoover Dam takes you on a tour of the structure as well as the nearby power plant. ‬

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7. Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Another otherworldly place that’s an easy day tour from Las Vegas is the Horseshoe Bend. Located near the town of Page in Arizona, this one is an almost ring-like canton carved millions of years ago by the Colorado River.

Here, you can go to the viewing area, look down over the edge and marvel at the blue-green river shaped like a horseshoe. This is an incredible sight that tends to fill up with visitors easily so plan your trip early.

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8. Lake Mead

lake mead in las vegas

‪Las Vegas may be loads of fun, but a few nights in could easily make you wish you’re somewhere more quiet or calm instead. One of the most accessible day trips from Vegas, Lake Mead’s glorious scenery and natural beauty is the perfect respite from the hustle of the Sin City.

Surrounded by canyons and red rock cliffs, Lake Mead also abounds with a great number of desert plants and animal species. The area also has facilities for hiking, camping and all sorts of boats that can be used on the lake, as well as sport fishing. ‬

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9. Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park

The largest and also the oldest state park in Nevada, the curiously named Valley of Fire is one of the best day trips from Las Vegas. The park is home to a variety of old plants and trees, as well as brilliantly preserved Indian petroglyphs that are 3,000 years old.

The Valley of Fire State Park is a great place for hiking, camping, and picnics, but visitors are warned to prepare during the summer months as the temperature rises up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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10. Hollywood

Hollywood in las vegas

The incredible shifting scenery on the way is already a great reason to make that Las Vegas day trip to Hollywood. From a glittering city to a small town to dessert and valleys them cities again, it is definitely worth making that 4-hour road trip to Hollywood and back.

Be sure to check out some of the most iconic places such as Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, a view of the Hollywood sign as well as popular awards show venues.

A day doesn’t seem enough but set out early to make the most of this trip. Remember to look out the window and marvel at the sights, it’s part of what makes this excursion extra special.

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11 Best Day Trips From Munich, Germany

A remarkable city that captivates with its impressive architecture, stunning art, fascinating tradition and well, beer — Munich is a city that one could probably explore and get lost in for days.

Regarded as one of the most livable cities in the world, this Bavarian capital is surrounded by equally wonderful places that are ideal for a day trip.

With the city’s reliable public transport system that’ll take you to these destinations that include places across the border, there’s no excuse not to leave Munich even for a day. From Hitler’s hideout to fairytale castles to the hills of Salzburg, here are some exciting day trips from Munich that you must experience.

11 Day Trips From Munich

1. Berchtesgaden Alps

Berchtesgaden Alps

A retreat for kings, monks as well as travelers as early as the 1100s, ‬ Berchtesgaden continues to draw tourists even today. An ideal day trip from Munich if you want to escape the city for a while, this is easily accessible by train or car. There’s plenty to see and do here any time of the year.

Be sure to check out the Deer House (Hirschenhaus) on Marktplatz, the spectacular Advent Christmas Town if you’re here during the holidays, or hang out at a beer hall if you’re here at Oktoberfest.

Be sure to also visit a salt mine such as the popular  Berchtesgaden Salt Mine (Salzbergwerk) which has been around since 1517. From here, you also get to enjoy stunning views of the nearby Königssee Lake or Lake of the Kings, a great way to end your visit to this hidden gem in Bavaria. ‬

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2. Dachau Memorial Site

Dachau Memorial Site

A day tour from Munich that’s not all fun and enjoyable, but an important one nonetheless, takes you to the Dachau Memorial Site. This area used to house a concentration camp that had a total of about 200,000 prisoners.

A visit here is a sobering reminder of what people went through during Hitler’s time, one that shouldn’t happen again. Centuries ago, Dachau was a pretty little town until the Nazis took over. It’s an hour away from Munich, a place you can visit even if you’re alone.

Two hours is enough to tour the area, but it’bound to be an experience you’ll remember for a long time.

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3. Eagle’s Nest

Eagle&s Nest in munich

This was Hitler’s former hideout, another fascinating place to visit that’s also an instant history lesson. It is located in the Austrian border, a gift to his 50th birthday that was also a venue then for meetings in the Third Reich.

These days, you’ll find a restaurant in its place, accessible via a bronze elevator that will take you 124 meters to the top. It’s quite intriguing, and one of the best days trips from Munich if you’re curious about the region’s sordid past.

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4. Königssee

Königssee in munich

This place definitely deserves a separate day trip, one simply doesn’t just pass by it. Another of Bavaria’s hidden gems, Köngisee or Lake of the Kings has been among the tourist draws of the region for a could of centuries.

Located in the equally picturesque Berchtesgaden, the lake is near the 12th century chapel of St. Bartholomä. A great way to enjoy your visit here is by a boat tour that will take you along the crystal clear fjord-like waters.

Surrounded by rock walls, the movement of the water creates the mysterious Königssee echo that can be heard during your boat ride. From the lake, you can also see the infamous Eagle’s Next and Mount Watzmann, the second-highest mountain in Germany.

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5. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is probably one destination that’ll surely make you leave Munich even for a day. The Schloss Neuschwanstein or Neuschwanstein Castle is best known for being the inspiration for the Disney castle as well as its fascinating history.

Built as a private mansion for King Ludwig II, the castle is even more magical from the inside. Definitely one of those Munich day tours that just has to be on your itinerary, be sure to book a guided tour to fully enjoy the experience.

The tour takes you inside the castle to see parts of it like Ludwig’s dressing room as well as the throne hall with its 13-foot talk chandelier and floor mosaic.

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6. Nuremberg

Nuremberg in munich

Founded in 1050 A.D., Nuremberg is one Munich day trip that shouldn’t be passed up. The rich history, the stunning architecture, the inspiring story about its resilience — a day here simply must be in your Munich itinerary.

Easily reached by train, Nuremberg boasts of fascinating attractions such as the glorious Nuremberg Castle and its picturesque old town area. Be sure to try their food especially the sausages, gingerbread and of course, you must try their beer, too.

If you’re visiting during the holidays, Nuremberg transforms into a magical Christmas town with its world-famous Christkindlsmarkt. It is a great place to visit any time of the year though, as there’s plenty of museums to visit as well as shopping streets to check out.

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7. Rothenburg

Rothenburg in munich

Regarded as one of the most picturesque towns in Germany, Rothenburg is another Munich day tour that you must experience. It is located in Germany’s Romantic Road and has kept its well-preserved fortifications that date back to the medieval era.

This charming town boasts of postcard-pretty views at almost every turn, such as the quirky Plönlein as well as the bustling Marktplatz or Market Square. Set out early and wear comfortable shoes as you’re bound to spend hours wandering through this fairytale-like village.

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8. Salzburg


Easily reached in under two hours by train from Munich, Salzburg is another great day excursion. This Austrian city is best known for being the location for the classic film ‘The Sound of Music’ and the birthplace of a classical musician and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Apart from those famous links though, this city has plenty to offer such as its gorgeous Palace as well as the stunning Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The cobblestone streets of Salzburg’s old town are a delight to stroll around in, while you admire the impressive architecture or look at the displays in Getreidegasse and Linzer Gasse, two of the city’s most visited shopping streets. Salzburg has so much in it to see and explore which makes it one of the most popular days trips from Munich.

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9. Zugspitze


Want to climb the highest peak in Germany but not too confident about your fitness level? Ever wanted to be at Zugspitze Mountain Peak but you only have a free day from Munich? There’s definitely a way to do that without breaking a sweat — a state of the art cable car that will take you all the way to the top of the highest mountain in Germany, Mount Zugspitze.

The Alpine views from here are breathtaking, and on a clear day, you can even see up to over a hundred miles away. Aside from the views, being on top also means being in two countries at once, as the mountain straddles the German and Austrian border.

At the peak, just get a map and determine your position so you can put one foot on Bavaria and the other foot in Tirol. This is one unforgettable day trip from Munich that you definitely must book and plan ahead to secure a spot in your itinerary.

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10. Herrenchiemsee Palace

Herrenchiemsee Palace

Another Munich day tour that takes you to a magnificent structure is to an island located in the middle of a lake. The Herrenchiemsee Palace is. A sight to behold, as it sits majestically surrounded by the waters of Bavaria’s largest lake.

Easily reached via train from Munich, you’ll need at least half a day to fully appreciate and explore this royal complex. When you visit, be sure to check out the palace grounds, the two museums, the Augustinian monastery the Great Hall of Mirrors, the State Staircase and you also can access King Ludwig’s small apartment.

There’s also a pretty garden with fountains and sculptures that you can stroll around in, and a stunning view of the lake that surrounds the palace.

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11. Innsbruck

Golden roof

This is another day trip from Munich that takes you across the border to Austria, in the city of Innsbruck. This is the capital of Tirol, a state in western Austria. Also called the city of the Golden Roof, Innsbruck is also known as a winter spirts hun.

It is the European Alps’ only major city and was the host for the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympic Games. Around Innsbruck, you’ll find some interesting sights such as the Ambrose Castle, the many gorgeous lakes and Fabulous shopping streets.

This city is also where you’ll find the largest crystal in the world, in Swarovski’s Crystal Factory which is another must-visit.

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10 Best Day Trips From Stockholm, Sweden

For the rest of the world, Sweden is where a lot of the most famous musicians and pop stars from the past decades came from, and its capital is where these people got their start. For Europeans perhaps, Stockholm is a chill, stylish and fascinating city perfect for a getaway.

Its unique geography is a tourist draw, as well as its long history that involved Vikings, pirates, the Iron Age and a long line of rulers over the past one thousand years.

This history has immensely shaped the Swedish landscape, spread through islands and medieval towns, fort and palaces. If you’re in Stockholm and want to see more of Swedish history and culture as reflected in its diverse landscape and architecture, here are some of the day trips from Stockholm that you must try.

10 Day Trips From Stockholm

1. Fjaedelholmarna


Stockholm is surrounded bu an archipelago composed of around 30,000 islands and Fjäderholmarna is the closest to the Swedish capital. This is accessible by a boat ride that takes 20 minutes from the mainland, making it an ideal Stockholm day trip. Join a tour group/ guided tour to maximize your visit as there’s a lot to see and do here.

Explores its natural rugged landscape and pristine beaches, visit a museum or gallery and stop by a brewery to try some Swedish beer or whiskey. Fjäderholmarna is also home to some interesting restaurants or cafes that serve traditional dishes, as well as local arts and crafts.

The island has only one main road that winds around most of the island and you’ll find artists and craftsmen with galleries and studios here.

You’ll find painters, glassblowers, and potters, and see their work or products that you may want to buy as a souvenir. During summer, the island hosts a number of events such as concerts which you might want to see if you’re here ay that time of the year.

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2. Wildlife safari

A fun and unique wildlife adventure await just 20 minutes from central Stockholm. Come sundown, you get an opportunity to meet the other ‘locals’ of the Swedish capital.

The wildlife safari is one of the best day tours from Stockholm, where you get to explore its stunning rural landscapes and see a variety of indigenous Wildlife.

Here, you’ll have a guided tour where up I’ll learn about the country’s wildlife and get to see moose, wild boar, birds of prey and different species of deer.

At the end of the tour, you also get to enjoy delicious traditional Swedish meal by the campfire.

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3. Djurgarden island

Djurgarden island

In the midst of Stockholm is a quiet oasis called Djurgarden island, home to a number of the city’s top attractions as well as lush nature parks and facilities for gamily friendly activities.

It is easily reached by bus, tram or ferry from central Stockholm, but on a clear summer day, you can also walk from The Royal Dramatic Theatre to this island.

An easy day trip from Stockholm, this is where you can enjoy the city’s cultural attractions such as the Abba Museum, Gröna Lund, Vasa Museum, and Skansen.

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4. Sigtuna


Located in the north of Stockholm, Sigtuna was the original capital of Sweden until pirates attacked in the 12th century. It remains to be a fascinating destination though and is a favorite day trip from Stockholm among locals and tourists alike.

As Sweden’s oldest city, Sigtuna boasts of a long history and ancient attractions such as runestones that date from the Viking era and the remains of St. Olof’s Church.

Another must-visit when in Sigtuna is the Gothic Mariakyrkan or St. Mary’s Church, said to be the oldest church in all of Sweden.

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5. Broby bro


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Broby bro is a graveyard that’s over a thousand years old, and it is one of the best Stockholm day tours if you want to get a closer look at Sweden’s Viking and Iron Age history. Here you’ll find relics from those eras as well as stories that live on up to this day.

One of those intriguing stories is that of ‘Estrid’ whose skeleton was found in Broby bro’s Christian section in 1995.

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6. Medieval churches

medieval churches

Be at any place that gives you a panoramic view over Stockholm and you’ll definitely notice some prominent spires and cupolas towering above surrounding rooftops.

Those are some of the city’s churches, which makes for an interesting Stockholm day tour if you’re interested in its history and stunning architecture.

Visit the oldest church located in the Old Town — the Stockholm or Stockholm Cathedral, which dates back to the late 1200s and known for its primarily Baroque interiors.

Then there’s the 16th century Tyska kyrkan or The German Church of St. Gertrude, which reflects Stockholm’s close ties with Germany during Hanseatic League, Another church that’s a must-visit is the Riddarholmskyrkan or The Riddarholmen Church, which is like a journey through the royal history of Sweden.

Located on the small island of Riddarholmen, this is the burial place Swedish rulers and their consorts, from Gustav II Adolf to Gustaf V, who was the great-grandfather of the present king. This is also the final resting place of several medieval kings such as Magnus Ladulås, who founded the church and Karl Knutsson Bonde.

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7. Vaxholm


Another Stockholm day trip that takes you to one of the islands in the greater Stockholm Archipelago is Vaxholm. Easily accessible from the Swedish capital via ferry or a 30-minute drive, being in this small town is like stepping into the 19th century.

Stroll the streets and marvel at the pastel-colored wooden homes, or visit the16th century Vaxholm Fortress. This former stronghold is also home to the Swedish National Museum of Coastal Defense, with exhibits depicting the country’s military history.

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8. Drottningholm


Built-in the18th century, Drottningholm Palace is situated on Lovö island in Lake Mälaren. This is just a few miles east of Stockholm, and home to the Swedish Royal Family.

This is an ideal Stockholm day tour if you want to visit a palace, as parts of this glorious structure are open to the public such as the 18th-century Chinese Pavilion and the gorgeous English gardens. Drottningholm Palace is only 30 minutes from Stockholm city center.

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9. Wenngarn


Wenngarn is one of those places in Sweden that you spend a quiet morning or afternoon or even an entire day on, as you take in its long history or admire the palace. Having been around for a thousand years, the pretty laidback Wenngarn is home to Sweden’s most ‘accessible’ castle.

Adjacent to Sweden’s old city of Sigtuna, Wenngarn is also next to Garnsviken in Mälaren, and for a thousand years, constantly changed from large estates to a community house, a place where people gather for different events.

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10. Skokloster


The 17th-century Skokloster Castle is located about forty miles north of Stockholm. This Baroque castle was a project of the rich Count, Carl Gustaf Wrange, and has brilliantly preserved interiors.

When you visit, be sure to check out the Unfinished Hall, a genuine construction site from the 17th century which was not completed. Skokloster Castle is also filled with centuries-old decor and furniture.

You can also visit the library, admire the Baroque art pieces as well as the collection of weapons on display. A remarkable day trip from Stockholm, Skokloster Castle can be reached within an hour via public transport.

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10 Day Trips From Helsinki, Finland

The capital of Finland since the early 19th century, Helsinki is known for its charming waterfront location, Art Nouveau architecture, and easy-going vibe. Tourists are drawn to this laid back Finnish city that also boasts of a reliable public transport system.

This makes for easy traveling to places outside of the capital. From massive nature parks to medieval towns, art villages to open-air museums — here’s a look at some of the best day trips from Helsinki, Finland.

10 Day Trips From Helsinki, Finland

1. Tallinn


Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, which was founded in the early medieval times and is the oldest capital in Northern Europe. It is among the best and most scenic day trips from Helsinki, as it’s only 80 kilometers to the south.

A fascinating mix of both old and new – Tallinn has trendy neighborhoods as well as historical attractions. Make sure you see the picturesque Old Town, known as one of the best-preserved Hanseatic centers in the world.

There’s also the Kohtuotsa viewing platform on the northern side of Toompea hill, which offers sprawling views of the Old Town, the modern city center and even the Gulf of Finland. During the summer.

On a sunny day, climb up the ‪St. Olav’s Church tower and observation area‬ for another stunning perspective of Tallinn. This city also has a number of good restaurants, eateries, and cafés which are much cheaper than in Helsinki so make sure you check them out.

To make this day trip possible, check the schedule as there are several daily ferry connections between Helsinki and Tallinn, and it’s recommended to set out early to make the most of your visit.

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2. Porvo


Around 50 kilometers east of Helsinki is the quaint medieval city of Porvoo, which is a popular destination for both tourists and Finns.

Known for its idyllic old houses and cobblestone streets, a visit here is like being in another older era. This place dates back to the late 1300s when it was established as a town, while most of the houses are from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Aside from its picturesque streets and house, some of the places you must visit when in Porvoo are the‪ J. L. Runeberg’s home‬ – which is the oldest home museum in Finland and a tribute to its national poet; its many ‪art galleries‬ and the ‪Postimäki Outdoor Museum‬, which is about how the craftsmen lived in the 19th century.

There’s also the National Urban Park with its numerous hiking trails if you’re into outdoor activities or you can also go canoeing at the Porvoo River. Before you end this amazing day tour from Helsinki, be sure to try the Runeberg’s cake, a traditional Finnish cake created in Porvoo in the 19th century.

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3. Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio National Park

A day trip from Helsinki that’s not too far from the Finland capital is the Nuuksio National Park, where you get to enjoy a typical Finnish scenery of wild woods and pretty lakes. It is located in the adjacent cities of Espoo, Kirkkonummi, and Vihti and very accessible via public transport from Helsinki.

This well-kept nature park has trails suited for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, so you can easily explore it and discover maybe a hidden lake or pond. You can also pick berries or mushrooms if you want, and explore the woods beyond the trails.

Nuuksio National Park has facilities and amenities like toilets, cooking areas, campfire pits and the like so you can also stay here longer for a picnic or camp.

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4. Suomenlinna


A definite must-see in the Finnish archipelago is the Suomenlinna island fortress. One of the best day tours from Helsinki, this island fortress boasts of 18th-century military architecture, history, and culture.

Home to only 800 residents, quaint cafes and restaurants, Suomenlinna is also a district of Helsinki.

This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site so camping and campfires are not allowed, but you can pack a picnic and bring it here. This is a great destination any time of the year but it’s more crowded during summer so plan your trip if you want to fully enjoy your stay.

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5. Seurasaari


Situated on a beautiful island just a few kilometers from the heart of Helsinki is this fascinating open-air museum called Suerasaari. This is where you get to experience rural life in the Finnish countryside, a massive place for fun and learning.

This place is made up of 87 buildings that represent each province of Finland, Each structure that showcases the traditional Finnish way of life is either a cottage, farmsteads or manors from the past four centuries that were relocated from all over Finland.

Each of these contains furniture, traditional items, and dresses to fully introduce visitors to Finnish life and culture. The Seurasaari Open-Air Museum is a unique and fascinating Helsinki day trip that should definitely be in your itinerary.

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6. Sipoonkorpi


A destination that’s more popular among those who enjoy outdoor activities, Sipoonkorpi National Park is one of the best Helsinki day tours. A walk around this diverse parkland takes you through forested areas that hide some rock formations.

These formations were from glaciers that melted during the ice age and often referred to as ‘The Trolls’, The Sipoonkorpi National Park also has bogs, lakes, marshes, and pastoral lands, as well as a variety of flora and fauna that you’ll encounter as you wander through the park.

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7. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Another amazing day trip from Helsinki that takes you to put of Finland in St. Petersburg, the most beautiful and most European among all Russian cities.

Easily accessible via ferry or train, this glorious city’s architecture screams art, culture and a rich history Exploring this glorious city seems like a daunting task given how there’s a lot to see.

The Hermitage alone takes more than a week to see each art piece on exhibit, but a trick would be to just see the main pieces. It’s best to leave Helsinki early, then aside from the Hermitage or Winter Palace, make sure to take your time walking along Nevsky Avenue to the Palace Square to take in the city sights.

Other places that you could squeeze in your St. Petersburg day trip are the enormous St. Isaac Cathedral, the fairytale-like Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Russian Museum and the stunning Palace bridge.

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8. Tampere

tampere finland

A completely different landscape and vibe but an exciting one, nonetheless, is Tampere, the center of culture in Finland. Known for its dynamic lifestyle and a variety of cultural experiences, Tampere is also home to some of the most exciting events such as the Tampere Film Festival and the musical Blockfest.

You can also enjoy some family-friendly places here like The Sarkanniemi Amusement Parkland museums like the Amuri Museum of Worker’s Housing, the Police Museum, and the Tampere Art Museum.

Before ending your day or heading to dinner, be sure to visit the massive Pyynikki Park and Observation Tower for stunning views over Tampere.

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9. Turku


Only a couple of hours away from Helsinki is the former capital of Finland, Turku. Established in the early 13th century, Turku (or Åbo in Swedish) is the oldest city in Finland.

Rich in traditions and formerly a center of the country’s commercial and spiritual life until the Russians made Helsinki the new capital.

In 1827 a fire raged through Turku, which consumed about 75% of the entire town. This is the reason why there isn’t much to be seen in the city’s 700-year history. There are still some lovely places to visit here though such as the 13th century Turku Castle and the impressive Turku Cathedral.

A walkable city, Turku is a must-visit for its intriguing history and a worthwhile day trip from Helsinki.

10. Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village

Fiskars is the perfect day tour from Helsinki if you’re interested in Finland’s industrial history, or simply curious about this place that’s named after the popular manufacturer of top-notch kitchenware and tools.

Before Nokia, Finland was known for Fiskars, and this was since 1649 until the 1980s when Fiskars moved most of its operations to larger facilities elsewhere in Finland and the United States.

Today, Fiskars Corporation still owns much of the village, where it has encouraged artists, designers, and their families to settle.

Known for its bucolic charm, a walk around Fiskars takes you through tree-lined paths by a river that meanders through the village, 19th-century villas and old wooden buildings. These buildings used to be Giskars workshops that were converted into art studios.

This is such a laid back area that’s a great respite from the more active excursions in this list, and surely one of the best Helsinki day trips.

More Day Trips From Helsinki

10 Best Day Trips from Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the most visited with its fascinating architecture and history. It’s a must-visit when in Italy but being a small city, it’s easy to explore it within days. And there are also several day trips from Venice that you can do from the city. 

Venice is also an ideal base from which to explore other parts of Italy as it’s connected to a reliable transport system including high-speed rail.

From vineyards to alpine areas, a city immortalized in a play to one that’s quite unknown — here are some of the best day trips from Venice that you simply must experience. 

10 Best Day Trips from Venice, Italy

1. Verona


There is more to Verona than Casa di Giulietta, the much-photographed balcony and the location for Shakespeare’s tragic romance Romeo and Juliet. An easy day trip from Venice, this city’s magnificent architecture showcases Italian history and culture through the ages.

Walk along its streets and marvel at the Roman, medieval and Renaissance structures such as the massive Verona Arena and the glorious Giardini Giusti, which is regarded as among the finest Renaissance gardens in Europe.

Check out it’s intricate landscaping that includes a fountain, gargoyles, grottoes, a maze and scenic views over Verona.

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2. Dolomites


The Dolomites may not be Italy’s highest mountain, bit its amazing red-hued peaks are the most spectacular in the country. Known as one of the top alpine areas in Europe, it is definitely a one-of-a-kind day trip from Venice.

A must see in the Dolomites is the Cortina d’Ampezzo, which hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics. Popular among hikers who like to challenge themselves with multiple trails, a hike is always rewarded with some of the best views in this part of Italy.

From Venice, going to the Dolomites takes more than two hours so be sure to set out early. 

Contact Information

Phone:+39 0471 840 005

Address: Strada Micurà de Ru 18 39036 San Cassiano in Badia (BZ) Dolomites – Italy

Email: info@dolomitemountains.com

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3. Ravenna


A haven for art enthusiasts and history nerds is Ravenna, which is an easy day trip from Venice. Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire between 402 and 476.

During this era, artists flocked to the city decorating its structures with art mostly of religious significance. These are now known as the earliest examples of Christian art, appreciated even by the non-religious.

There are eight UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ravenna, which are all equally magnificent. Such as the Basilica di Sant’ Apolinare, Basilica di San Vitale and the Mausoleum of Galla Plocidia which is the oldest among these structures. 

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4. Florence


Known all over the world as the birthplace of the Renaissance, a visit to Florence is a must if you’re going on a day tour from Venice.

It’s only two hours by train and boasts of incredible attractions such as Piazza Signoria, the Ponte Vecchio and Santa Maria del Fiore, which is the magnificent domed cathedral situated at the heart of the city.

There’s just fantastic art and architecture everywhere, more so when you enter the Uffizi Galleries and Accademia Gallery. 

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5. Murano and Burano Islands day trips from Venice

Murano & Burano Islands

A day at the Venetian Islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello is one of the best Venice day trips and a definite must. These islands are all accessible by a Vaporetto, and each has a distinct character a flavor.

Murano is known for its glassmaking industry, its Museo del Vetro and dainty glass souvenirs. The picturesque fishing village of Burano meanwhile is where you can enjoy fresh seafood and a leisurely stroll to admire its colorful painted houses.

The outlying island of Torcello, on the other hand, is a haven for fans of architecture, art, and fine dining. It is also known for the stunning cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the legendary Locanda Cipriani. 

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6. Vicenza


Best known for its architecture, Vicenza as a day trip from Venice may be less known than the others but still a worthy place to visit.

Teatro Olimpico is one of its most visited attractions, but the stunning ‪Villa Rotonda is the highlight of a visit to Vicenza.

It also has a picture-perfect city center that’s filled with museums and art galleries as well as more magnificent architecture, including the main plaza Piazza Dei Signori.‬

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7. Padova, Asolo, and Venetian Villas

Padova, Asolo, and Venetian Villas

Visit the outskirts of Venice and learn about a region that used to belong to the actual Republic of Venice centuries ago, as you tour the quaint, picturesque towns of Asolo and Padova.

One of the most fascinating Venice day tours you’d experience, it takes you to two places where you’ll find villas owned by Venetians ages ago. Explore Padova and its pretty university, where you’ll find a chapel that has frescoes by Giotto.

Adjacent to this picturesque university town is Asolo, known for its stunning cathedral and fortress perched on a hill.

Apart from the villas, Asolo was also the location of the court of the Queen of Cyprus and played host to the writer Ernest Hemingway. 

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8. Milan


Milan is considered by some as the least Italian city, because unlike the other Italian cities that are filled with ancient structures, Milan is modern, sleek and organized.

This is said to be the influence of nearby Switzerland but there’s still plenty to see here that will remind you that you’re indeed still in Italy.

Just a few hours away and one of the best days trips from Venice, some of the best places to visit in Milan are the Gothic Duomo Cathedral, the Castello Sforzesco and the Teatro Alla Scala which is one of the finest opera theatres in Europe.

There’s also the scenic bike path along the Naviglio della Martesana and of course, make sure you visit Da Vinci’s The Last Supper at the monastery of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. 

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9. Bassano del Grappa and Asolo

Just an hour and fifteen minutes northwest of Venice is the Bassano del Grappa. Situated near the foothills of the Alps and with the Brenta River flowing through it, Bassano del Grappa is filled with attractions to fully maximize your day trip.

It has a lot of impressive churches, palaces and other architectural wonders with some dating back to the middle ages and the renaissance.

Bassano del Grappa also has picture-perfect piazzas such as the Piazza Garibaldi,  Piazza Della Liberta, and the stunning Ponte degli Alpini. 

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10. Prosecco Hills

Ptosecco Hills

When in Italy, a visit to the Prosecco region is a must, and one of the best day tours from Venice. It only takes an hour to get here from Venice, and the scenery on the way is breathtaking.

A visit to this region is a great way to learn about the process of wine-making that starts with from picking the perfect grapes to pressing them, fermenting then bottling the wine that’s one of Italy’s top exports.

A tour of the Prosecco valley also takes you through the hills and vineyards, as well as ad well-stocked cellars where you can pick the perfect wine to go with your lunch. 

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More Day Trips From Venice

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